Media Center Policies

What Books Should Your Child Read?

The Media Center's commitment is to provide students with engaging text that will encourage them to read daily for 30 minutes at least. It is extremely important that students read independently at their independent reading level. If you do not know what your child's independent reading level is, please talk to your child's teacher. You can also use the strategy below to help your child choose books.

5 Finger Rule

What to do:  Pick a book. Open the book to any page.  Put one finger up for each word you don't know.

0-1 - Too Easy
1-2 - Perfect Choice
3-4 - Give it a Try
5+ - Too Hard

Media Center Policies for Book Check Out

We expect students to visit the library at least once a week and follow the policies below:

Kindergarten and First Grade Students
1 Book Out at a time.

Second Grade to Fifth Grade Students
2 Books Out at a time

Students can return the books  and check out other books as soon as they are done. However, they can't check out books for more than a week unless the book is brought back to be renewed. Books can only be renewed once.

Students MUST return books in the same condition that they were checked out.

Students will be fined for damaged books and will not be allowed to check out additional books until the fines are paid.