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Our school takes pride in offering a holistic approach to serve the whole child. As a Digital School, our students count on digital tools through all content areas. 

Language Arts

 Language Arts Instruction is offered through Florida Standards. Students receive thirty minutes of whole group instruction at their grade level followed by small group instruction at their instructional level. They also participate in Literacy Centers where they apply concepts previously attained in collaboration with other students from their classroom. In addition, students receive Reading Interventions that target identified reading gaps.
During the Language Arts Block, students also visit the Media Center to check out books to Read and take Accelerated Reader Test. Each test grants students points towards a goal that is set by the teacher. Students who achieve their goals are invited to an AR party at the end of every quarter.


Math Instruction is offered through Florida Standards. Students are engaged in lessons that goal oriented and hands on. Teachers use manipulatives through lessons as well as digital tools. Teachers present problems and tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving and mathematical discourse. Students are motivated to learning Math Facts in order to obtain incentives and an improve their procedural fluency when solving problems.


Science Instruction is offered through the Florida Standards. Teachers utilize the scientific process as  the basis for learning experiences. The content framework enables students to acquire understanding of the world around them. This framework includes concepts, principles, facts, laws, and theories which comprise the body of scientific knowledge. Students are engaged in hands on experiments to better understand Science as it applies to the world.

Social Studies

Social Studies Instruction is offered to ensure students' acquisition of mind habits needed to become reflective and responsible citizens of our nation and world. Instruction is designed to encourage active learning among our students so that the students will understand the significance of the past and its influence on the present and be mindful of both change and continuity in our lives.