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On November 15, 2016, four teachers at Millennia Gardens Elementary School [Dawn Chehab, Kathryn Perrotta, Joshua Garrett, and Mallory Stenberg] were awarded the StateFarm Youth Advisory Board Grant for $68,000. This grant helped setup the foundation that would become Eco Club. In the first year, Eco Club developed a hydroponic garden that was used to raise lettuce for SeaWorld's Manatee Rescue Center, built a Butterfly Garden in memory of the Pulse Night Club Tragedy, built Oyster Reef Mats with UCF, Built bat houses with UF, established a pedal-a-watt system to convert bike power into electricity, and began working on their 1/4 acre wildlife sanctuary. These events established a culture of environmental stewardship and conservation awareness within the school and community. As we continue to grow, Eco Club strives to inspire students to take ownership for their Earth and educate others about making wiser and more sustainable choices within our community!