Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center

The Media Center is the heart of our school. Students use the Media Center to check out books, use computers for research, and read silently. Recently, the Media Center has embarked in the exciting world of Maker Spaces. Our students engage in a variety of projects, including 3D Printing, Robotics, and Coding.  


In addition, our Media Center produces the Morning News Every Day through the Media Club. Students in the Media Club administer the TV studio. Our anchors, Technical Directors, Audio Engineers, Playback Coordinators, Teleprompter Operators, and Floor Directors are students who are trained in TV production and design engaging morning announcements that inform our school community of important events and celebrations.

Media Club

Our Media Center is committed to foster 21st Century Skills and provide students with experiences that will prepare students for college and careers.

For questions, contact Ivonne Gonzalez, our Media Specialist.
Ext. 4384255