Parent Family Engagement Program

Parent Family Engagement Program

Mission Statement

Millennia Garden’s mission is to provide our parents with the appropriate tools to help them become involved in their child’s learning. We and our parents must, can, and will work together to help all of our students achieve academic success. We are committed to working jointly with parents and family to develop a plan for activities and workshops that support high quality instruction needed for all learners to be successful. We will host multiple curriculum nights aligned to grade level standards to model instructional strategies for home
and school.

View our 23-24 Parent Family Engagement Plan Here
Vea Nuestro Plan de Participación de Padres y Familias 23-24 Aquí

Coordination & Integration

Parents work side by side with the Millennia Gardens staff to create the SIP and PFEP so everyone’s input counts towards the end results. To increase parental involvement, Millennia Gardens will send home newsletters and post information on our website, in Class Dojo and via Twitter. MGES will also have programs and activities that teach parents how to help their children at home. 


At the annual Title 1 Parent Meeting and subsequent SAC meetings in the fall Millennia Gardens Elementary will present parents with information regarding Title 1 programs, curriculum, and academic assessments. Parents will be given the opportunity to ask questions and provide suggestions to improve our current programs and plans. Parents are then encouraged to visit their child’s classroom where the teacher will provide more specific information regarding their child’s education including the compact, assessments, and communication policies. Staff members will also send home newsletters outlining activities and curriculum being used in the grade level. Connect Ed messages and flyers are sent out to inform parents of any upcoming events, news, and information. Teachers will maintain conference logs of communication with parents and sign in sheets, which will be copied and sent to the Assistant Principal who will also maintain documentation and dissemination of information. Communication is daily using student agendas, notes, phone calls, or emails. Special events are posted in the front of the school on the marquee. Flyers written in multiple languages are also sent home. The parents may find information about the student’s achievements online via Progress Book. Parents will be included in the formulation of suggestions and decision making through the following:
One-on-one meetings with teachers, administrators, and/or support personnel

- Parent Surveys
- Participation in SAC to review the School Improvement Plan (SIP), Parent and Family
  Engagement Plan (PFEP), and School Compact
- If the school-wide plan is not satisfactory to parents, feedback will be presented at the SAC meeting for discussion, review, and needed updates. 


Every effort is made to accommodate the many languages spoken by the families of Millennia Gardens Elementary. We send flyers home in different languages; provide dictionaries in multiple languages, direct staff that speak different languages to assist with parent communications. Accommodations are made to assist families with disabilities to attend and participate in school events and conferences. Communication at Millennia Gardens goes home in English and Spanish. Families who want something translated in any other languages can contact Millennia Gardens and it will be provided for them. On campus we have Portuguese and Creole interpreters as well.

Building Capacity

Millennia Gardens Elementary takes pride in building the capacity of all key stakeholders
who play a vital role in the academic success of our students. We provide both internal and external workshops and activities that strengthen these relationships throughout the school year. 

 Our Parent Engagement Liaison (PEL) will be a main point of contact for parents to receive resources, support, and information about activities that engage parents and family.

For more information, please contact: Ruben Tirado